Who is Chubb Training Group?

Chubb Training Group is a Registered Training Organisation (No. 21411) under the VET Quality Framework and provides online, face to face and blended training solutions. Chubb Training Group has partnered with Kineo to provide online training. Specifically General Evacuation, Warden and Fire Extinguisher training, however other courses are available through Kineo's comprehensive library.

We have qualified and experienced staff who are able to provide you with a quality learning experience. Our learning materials and training administration system meet the VET Quality Framework.

Why Emergency Response Training?

Your legal obligation

As an employer, you have an obligation under Workplace Health and Safety legislation to ensure your employees have sufficient training to react to workplace emergencies safely. Employers that fail to meet these legal requirements can be left open to criminal charges and/or large fines.

Your obligation is founded on Australian Standards 3745 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities) and 1851 (Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment).

A prepared workplace reduces injury and saves you money

Each year Australian workplaces have at least 600 traumatic deaths and 400,000 injuries, and thousands of others fall ill due to exposure to workplace hazards. Most of the estimated cost of $20 billion is paid by business through increased taxes and levies, insurance premiums, direct costs, and penalties. There is no doubt a safer workplace saves you money.

Workplace Emergencies

Emergencies are a common occurrence, and range from minor incidents, such as chemical spills and small fires, up to the destruction of complete workplaces. Occupant deaths and injuries from these emergencies are often the result.

Workers who are trained will have a greater chance of survival.

Ethical/social obligation

Your employees need to know how to remain safe in the event of a workplace emergency. Customers and suppliers are becoming increasingly aware of how businesses behave on a social and ethical level. Providing emergency response training is good for staff and good for business.

Workplace Emergency Response solutions

Chubb's range of workplace emergency response solutions are designed to match Workplace Health & Safety laws and regulations derived from compliance with the Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Solutions include; workplace risk analysis and audit, development of emergency response procedures and evacuation diagrams, emergency training for all levels and assessment of compliance, including evacuation training, warden training, fire extinguisher training, and first aid.

Chubb Training Group a division of Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd, ABN 47 000 067 541